Friday, May 29, 2020

Technology for Pool Service Companies

Pool Trader App

Pool Trader is a totally free app specifically designed for anyone in the swimming pool industry. 

The original idea and goal was to create something that can help everyone, especially weekly service techs, to get tighter routes. I drove ALL over the valley here in the Phoenix area for years, going as far as 45 minutes in every direction to service pool accounts. I would constantly drive by other pool companies or even park across the street from a fellow tech as he went into his customers yard, and me into mine. It would frustrate me to think of how far I was driving to my accounts. On occasion I would get to speak with a fellow tech as we serviced the same area, and some were doing the exact same thing I was, driving a lot of miles, but a few would say, “I live just around the corner”!! And this is where the spark of the idea came.

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