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List of Resources for Swimming Pool Owners and Pool Professionals


Your Pool Help provides a valuable online swimming pool resource solution for new and experienced pool owners. their network of solid top rated fully qualified pool professionals have proven extensive experience in swimming pool designs and engineering. Featuring exclusively the most trusted for their customer service reputation, and thoroughly screened for stability and follow-through so you can be confident in your new pool purchase decision. We understand your need for personalized service. New pool owners and experienced pool owners all benefit from the valuable information that we share about the swimming pool industry. Your Pool Help, where swimming pool industry relationships meet consumer confidence in harmony. their mission is to take the guess work and stress out of your swimming pol purchasing equation, to help you navigate the process with ease, providing a little insight and pool school guidance along the way! It all starts with a call or an email, simply send us your request.



What you need to know, before you buy, about financing your new swimming pool.
Have you been planning to buy a custom swimming pool, and you're just stuck on the part where you have to figure out how to pay for it? Lightstream Financial is here to help show you a path to become the owner of that beautiful pool you've been dreaming of. The journey to custom pool ownership begins with the project budget. If you have owned a pool before then you may already know your pool loan options, for those who do not we are here to help you get a quick and fair financing solution. We work with a top National Lender who focus on great terms on affordable swimming pool loans.
Discover the cost of building a quality swimming pool, and how much it will cost to install a new inground pool.

Before describing exactly how much a custom pool can cost to build, just keep in mind that the price of the pool is largely based on the pool size and included features. The amount of pool that you are aloud to go crazy with will be strictly tied to your project budget, their professionals will guide you in the right direction and maximize your pool features based on your budget. Consider this, the swimming pool is not the only aspect of the total project cost. Your must also think about the repairs to sprinkler system, fences, and the landscaping that will be used after the pool is complete. We go into more details about the general costs associated with building different types of pools.

Custom Pool Financing & Loans
Here’s a TIP:
There are essentially three ways in which to finance for your pool project:
“Home Improvement Loan”
“Refinancing” your existing Loan
“Credit Based” Loan
There are advantages and disadvantages of each. It’s usually best to talk to a lender (or call us) to find out which of these will be best for you and your situation.
Here’s Another TIP:
Talk to a lender.
Note that you DON’T need to fill out an application, or worry about anything hitting your credit report.


Building an in ground swimming pool, whether a custom gunite pool, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pool is described as creating a hand made permanent structure in an uncontrolled environment. As your are aware construction projects rely heavily on favorable weather conditions as most swimming pools are built in unprotected outdoor areas. Generally speaking, and considering weather delays of normal scope, a swimming pool should take no longer than 4 - 5 months to fully complete. It can in some cases take longer than 3 months to fully complete a specialized custom pool design that features multiple unique elements. To find out more details about the swimming pool construction process including Pre-Construction Check Lists visit their Swimming Pool Construction Page.



For old pools that show obvious wear, it’s time to know your pool remodeling options up front.
By the way, we are also swimming pool remodeling and pool restoration experts? It is true that after so many years of use that beautiful pool will need a bit of special attention. So Let us show you how we have helped pool owners restore or replace old pool tile, replaced and upgraded worn pool equipment, and upgraded pool design features for less than the price of a new pool installation. We can also assist you in planning landscaping features to enhance your existing pool design. Not to mention, the swimming pool remodeling financing options available for the times that you really need to fix the pool it can be a great solution to cover much needed repairs and afford pool renovations in the process.



DIY solutions for the installation of a new swimming pool. From Your Pool Plans you can get a full set of pool design & construction plans ready to use for installing your own swimming pool. With claims of saving upwards of 40% of normal cost compared to hiring a pool builder this service is promising for the budget-friendly wannabe pool owner. There are not many online sources to get swimming pool designs, but of the few out there this is the more professional one I found. See: Online Pool Design Construction Plans by Your Pool Plans.



Part of owning a swimming pool means having to occasionally know some conversion math, especially when adding certain chemicals to the pool. You can find some helpful conversions for pool water and chemicals for when you need to turn your pool blue again.



If it is one thing that consumers are looking for when they want to install a new swimming pool, is where to go to find a trusted source to get the job done. Although swimming pools are popular, pool companies are not always the best at marketing their services, and you might otherwise miss out on a good company for them not appearing online (if that's where you search). This is where a online swimming pool business directory comes in handy. On this directory all the listed companies are tested for quality - and it's only for pool companies and backyard contractors, so you know you will be able to find the specialist you are looking for.



Homes for sale that include swimming pools is a very common thing, yet home inspectors are lacking the experience to include the swimming pool into their inspection reports relying on a local pool company to see if they can provide the assessment of the pool integrity. This can put the home owner into a situation where the subcontracted pool company may have a bias towards generating new business from the inspection for problems that may or may not exist, and the inspector is claiming to not be an expert about inspecting pools - so the buyer is left with biased & ignorant information. There is a company (at least in Texas) that specializes in helping insurance companies and home buyers with performing unbiased swimming pool inspections for both residential & commercial installations. The company Texas Pool Inspectors has over 20 years of design, engineering, construction experience and focuses on inspections only and does not provide the repair work.


There is no doubt you will be spending a few evenings out near the pool, it's a nice thing to be able to do. You might want to make a small upgrade here and there to the backyard hangout areas, it's just what you do! No pool is finished without complimentary landscaping to tie it all together! Spending time outside at night? You are going to want custom lighting & landscape lighting to help it all look good but also so you can see where you are going. Don't simply settle for cheap big box brand landscape lights, take the time for LED quality yard lighting you will be glad you did. We know of a great provider & landscape lighting installer (in Texas) that can provide the outdoor lighting package you need.


The Path to Swimming Pool Success!

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